Indoor connectivity: the fourth utility

In-building coverage is increasingly becoming essential to developers, property managers and occupants – but providing it is a complex business, as Simon Creasey discovers

As recently as three years ago it would be unusual for an office occupier to want to speak to the landlord about a building’s connectivity infrastructure. However, today it is an issue that is top of mind for the vast majority of occupiers, according to Basil Demeroutis, managing partner of property developer FORE Partnership.

“Conversations with occupiers are about much more than just ‘what does the floorspace look like?’,” says Demeroutis. “It’s now about ‘what do the building’s cycling facilities look like, what’s your wellness approach?’, and in that litany of things digital infrastructure comes up frequently. As a result, we plan it [digital infrastructure] into our buildings, regardless of whether we’re doing a light refurbishment or a wholesale ground-up development.”

But delivering Wi-Fi, cellular and two-way radio coverage across buildings isn’t easy. Just ask Bachir Belloul, chief of engineering at iWireless Solutions, which specialises in delivering network coverage across locations such as transport hubs, arenas and stadia – the company helped deliver connectivity across a number of 2012 Olympic Games sites. He says each type of venue presents its own unique set of challenges.

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