Mobility matters

Working on the move is increasingly business-critical, and enterprise mobility management solutions are often used to reduce the headaches associated with managing large fleets of devices. SOTI founder Carl Rodrigues speaks to Sam Fenwick about what his company is doing to make things easier

Carl Rodrigues is the founder, CEO and president of SOTI – an enterprise mobility management (EMM) company with a strong focus on R&D. The company started out in his basement, when the urge “to build something” made him stop consulting and create a system for remotely controlling mobile devices. “While the first version I created was more for consumer devices, enterprise players started to get really interested because they wanted to use that technology to support people out in the field. We then started to offer enterprise remote control and troubleshooting capabilities, and then added other features, and now we offer EMM services,” Rodrigues says.

To Rodrigues, there are two very different types of EMM: “The first is managing mobile devices for the white-collar space – employees with desk jobs – and then there’s mission-critical mobility, where mobility is very strategic for the company’s operations. Where mobility is business-critical or mission-critical, that’s our sweet spot, that’s where we play. Sometimes people don’t understand the difference.”

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