SOTI to offer mobility management support for Linux devices, IoT endpoints

SOTI, a provider of mobile and IoT device management solutions, will make its SOTI MobiControl 14, SOTI Snap and SOTI Central products generally available on 31 October 2017

SOTI MobiControl 14, is as its name suggests, the 14th version of the company’s enterprise mobility management solution which works across iOS, Android and Windows devices. The latest version adds remote support for Linux-based devices, machines and intelligent IoT endpoints. The solution allows IT departments to resolve issues with devices remotely and ensure that they have the latest content such as files and configurations. The support for Linux is aimed at protecting devices against unauthorised access and exploits, by ensuring that they are not left with default passwords, and automating and scheduling OS and app updates to patch vulnerabilities.

Linux is an open-source, low-cost alternative to expensive commercial operating systems, and the operating system of choice for more than 80 per cent of IoT devices and 67 per cent of IoT gateways.

SOTI Snap is a cross-platform, rapid mobile applications development solution enables companies to take the cost, complexity and coding out of mobile application development for business. It allows users to develop applications without any knowledge of coding and allows a single app to work across multiple operating systems without any additional effort for the app designer.

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