One to many with intelligent messaging

(Advertisement feature) Boomerang's CEO Peter Tanner discusses how automated digital messaging systems are helping organisations handle major incidents and easily communicate at scale

Advertisement feature

Why do businesses need more sophisticated messaging solutions?

There is relentless pressure on businesses to reduce overheads and focus heavily on customer experience management. To do this, many companies are turning to messaging platforms to streamline and automate communication with their customers, staff and the general public. However, choosing the right technology and partner is critical to ensuring long-term success and scalability. Boomerang creates flexibility and choice by allowing end users to engage across a range of preferred communication channels, which drives far greater traction and immediacy of response. Better still, using a response to automate other follow-on processes, is much more efficient and takes away the pain from the end user. Enabling an organisation to ‘manage by exception’ is an ethos that is common to the services we deliver.

As you can imagine, our technology can be applied in lots of different ways, but it becomes especially pertinent when you are dealing with critical, real-time incident alerts which need to be actioned and managed urgently as well as traceable.

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