That'll teach them

Philip Mason learns how innovative use of communications solutions is helping educational establishments secure staff and student safety

The public education sector in the United Kingdom is under huge financial pressures, linked – as with the NHS, emergency services and so on – to ongoing funding cuts. According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies funding is set to drop by 6.5 per cent per student over the course of this parliament. Considering the bill for education in 2014-15 was £85.2 billion these cuts are likely to have a significant and tangible impact.

As a result the sector is having to come up with ways to creatively stretch its budgets as far as possible. One solution is finding new ways to use digital communications, but with the emphasis primarily on monitoring resources – and people – this has the potential to create problems as well as solving them.

Large spaces
A variety of comms solutions are being used to improve both teachers’ and students’ lives. But when it comes to estate management and security traditional DMR two-way radio technology is tough to beat.

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