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The big interview: Dr Henrik Almeida

Philip Mason talks to Ericsson’s head of research for UK and Ireland about the company’s recently announced 6G research effort.

Dr Henrik Almeida

We are living in an era which can be defined in large part by the speed with which it continues to witness technological change.

This is particularly true when it comes to communications tech, which over the last decade or so has not only fundamentally altered how we live but also, it could be argued, the evolution of human consciousness itself.

As well as the profound effect on how we operate as human beings, however, broadband-based communications technology has also fundamentally altered how we do business.

This is most obviously apparent, at least in the business radio world, in the slow but sure move towards narrowband/broadband hybridisation. In certain business contexts, meanwhile, we are even seeing attempts to replace narrowband altogether, as with the UK government’s Emergency Services Network project.

While all this is clearly complicated enough, it also seems likely that the pace of change is only going to increase as we go forward. 5G has already well and truly embedded itself in the discussion, for instance, something which will have been obvious to anyone reading Land Mobile over the course of the past year.

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