The big interview: powering through

Philip Mason talks to Sepura chief technology officer Peter Hudson about the struggles of the past two years, as well as the future of TETRA in an increasingly broadband-centric era.

Towards the middle of last year, Land Mobile ran an article exploring the impact of the previous – COVID-dominated – 18 months on the business communications sector.

Among other things, this took in the impact of the virus itself, as well as palpable changes to the market in response to the development of specific new technologies. Interviewees included SFL representing the supplier side, and Motorola Solutions, who discussed in particular the increasing popularity of Push-to-talk over Cellular.

In this issue, we are revisiting the topic again, only this time looking at the experience of the past two years entirely from the point of view of a major UK-based radio manufacturer in the form of Sepura. According to the company’s chief technology officer, Peter Hudson, while it has certainly not been easy, the period since March 2020 has actually seen increasing opportunities for the company, often from unexpected places.

During the same timespan, meanwhile, the company has also been able to respond to the changing needs of users with some interesting technological developments of its own. This includes concerted efforts to add extra value to its TETRA offering, while at the same time dipping its corporate toe in the burgeoning mission/business-critical broadband market.

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