Two-way comms for hotels: matching devices to user requirements

Satisfying hotel guests’ requirements is impossible without perfect co-ordination between staff. This can’t happen without good wireless comms. Simon Creasey looks at the options for hoteliers

For hotel operators two-way radios and pagers are a godsend. Hoteliers typically employ vast teams dotted around labyrinthine buildings, so having the ability to communicate with them instantly is vital – especially in hotels that also have extensive surrounding grounds like gardens and golf clubs to maintain. From the reception desk through to cleaning and security teams, equipping individuals with these devices allows large operations to run seamlessly. But it’s an area that’s not without its challenges.

The scope for using two-way radios and pagers within hotels is huge, but regardless of how they are used for individual tasks the aim remains the same – enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, according to Ian Lockyer, marketing manager at Icom UK. “For example, with a two-way radio the central reception desk can contact any member of the team wherever they are in a hotel,” he says. “If there is a guest issue or if someone needs assistance it is the best way to get the issue resolved straight away rather than taking it back to the front desk.” He adds that in larger hotels two-way radios also provide vital lines of communication between management and staff. “Most of the time a manager will be away from the front desk checking on the status of the hotel and its guests. As a result, it is important to have a portable two-way radio solution that can be carried around,” explains Lockyer.

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