Using two-way radios for Airsoft

Communications are critical in any warzone, even if bullets are replaced with plastic pellets. Laurence Doe examines how Airsoft players and staff utilise radio

‘There’s no action without communication’ – that’s how an Airsoft player explained the phrase in the headline to me. Whether it’s in a mock warzone like those commonly used in Airsoft games or a real combat situation like in the Middle East, radio communications are essential. In any deployment radio is rarely utilised by just one set of users. In Airsoft games, for example, players use radio to communicate, and so do those who organise and supervise the game (known as marshals).

The multiple benefits of radio become clear when entering the battle zones of Xsite Airsoft’s Lane End site, spread across 20 acres of dense and open woodland in High Wycombe. Dotted across the area are various structures and fortified positions designed for strategic game play. Teams vary in size, up to a couple of dozen players on each side. Giving staff radios is the ideal way to appropriately monitor the game and players over such a large and varied site. If marshals have radios it makes them “so much more effective in what they do,” says Tim Wyborn, managing director of Xsite Airsoft.

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