Airbus rolls out new radios at Saudi Grand Prix

Airbus Secure Land Communications has announced the successful rollout of a range of new mission critical technologies including the TH9 TETRA radio at the recent Formula One Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The second race of the 2023 Formula One season saw Airbus deploy its TMR880i, THR880i, TH1N, and TH9 radios at vital points of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit in the principality alongside its RCS9500 Radio Dispatch Console.

Airbus works as the official secure communication technology provider for Formula One races in the region providing secure collaboration and connectivity between organisers and security teams.

The recently launched Radio Console System 9500 (RCS 9500) is a modern TETRA dispatching console that control room dispatchers can use to quickly access the TETRA communication features. According to the radio communications giant the technologies are pivotal to safeguarding the people and the venue “whilst guaranteeing seamless on-site race activities and operations”.

Communications were highlighted during the race as shortly after the race’s podium ceremony, an official message was shown that third-placed finisher Fernando Alonso was under investigation for not having served the first penalty correctly at his pit stop.

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