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BT provides connectivity to British forces

The British Forces Broadcasting Service is using BT’s virtualised “intelligent broadcast platform,” known as Vena, in order to “encode and multiplex” its content. The platform is hosted at BT Tower.

The company is also providing uplink services to three of the satellites used by BFBS. This is from its Earth station in Herefordshire.

Describing the forces broadcasting service in a statement, BT said: “BFBS provides serving personnel and their families overseas with a variety of television and radio services via satellite. This includes a bespoke mix of current British TV, public service broadcasting and access to premium sports, series, and movies.”

CEO of BFBS, Ben Chapman, said: “Moving to BT’s Vena network and virtualised platform offers us the agility to flex and adjust to the evolving needs of our armed forces overseas. It also ensures a secure, robust, and future-proof method of delivering our media content.  

“This is vital, as our channels increase wellbeing and morale for those deployed worldwide, not only in well-connected regions, but in remote and austere locations too.” 

Director of BT media and broadcast & UK portfolio businesses, Faisal Mahomed, said: “We’re excited to support BFBS with this transition to cloud-based broadcasting.

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