Chewton Glen Hotel gains two-way radio solution

Premier Communications Electronics (PCE) has completed a successful trial roll-out of Motorola’s digital two-radio solutions at the 18th century Chewton Glen estate in Hampshire.

Chewton Glen, an estate which contains a luxury hotel within a country house building, treehouse apartments, spa and 130 acre woodland grounds, hired PCE to provide a solution to communication issues which have arisen during the Covid-19 pandemic.

PCE was able to deploy Motorola Solutions repeater base station in the hotel’s rooftop service area. According to PCE, the key challenge was the need for the repeater’s antenna to be “discreetly installed” to not impact on the outlook of the 18th century Chewton Glen estate yet positioned to ensure signal coverage across the entire New Forest site.

The deployment of the antenna meant PCE were able to provide hotel, spa and maintenance staff a pool of Motorola hand portable two-way radios including the SL2600, with personal issue discreet earpieces.

Following a successful trial during this year, PCE said Chewton Glen would be continuing the use of its Motorola Solutions platform and had the ability to scale up to Motorola Solutions Capacity Plus should their future needs require increased capacity.

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