Hytera develops remote temperature detection tech

Hytera has developed a new temperature screening solution to help stop the spread of COVID-19, designed for deployment in ‘high traffic’ public areas.

According to the company, the technology provides instant non-contact, preliminary temperature screening alongside access control, using infrared sensor-based thermal technology. It will enable “small- to medium-sized organisations to safely detect if someone has an abnormal temperature.”

The solution is designed to be set up at the entrance of a building, mounted on a tripod. It remotely measures the temperatures of multiple people at the same time, up to a distance of three metres away.

If an abnormal temperature is detected, the camera sends an alarm notification to Hytera handheld terminals, including its PDC550 POC device, as well as DMR/LTE hybrid handhelds.

Speaking of the solution, a spokesperson for Hytera said: “As countries come out of lockdown, it is vitally important to detect whether anyone has an abnormal temperature and may risk spreading [the COVID-19] infection. It is critical this is done effectively and efficiently to allow organisations to quickly process relatively large numbers of people as they enter a building.

“Hytera’s solution enables front-of-building staff to be quickly alerted if anyone is running a high temperature. Using their radios, they can press the PTT button and [put out a call] over the radio system [for someone] to come and assess the person.”

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