O2 partners with pureLiFi

Mobile network provider O2 is trialing the use of LiFi at its headquarters in Slough.

The trial, which is being carried out in collaboration with pureLiFi, involves the deployment of a number of LED lightbulbs in order to send broadband data. This will be carried out in the facility’s ‘explore room.’

A spokesperson for O2 said: “The LiFi system has the potential to serve as a serious contender to WiFi. Its reliance on the visible light spectrum aims to enable safer, more reliable and more secure wireless data communication. It also has the potential to reduce infrastructure complexity and energy consumption.”

Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi, said: “With the proliferation of internet-of-things devices and the continued growth in mobile users, the demand for spectrum is [growing]. LiFi is capable of unlocking unprecedented and much-needed data and bandwidth. We are delighted that O2 has chosen to partner with pureLiFi to explore this tremendous potential.”

LiFi works by modulating the illumination from LED fittings - ie, ceiling-mounted strip lighting linked to a network access point - at extremely high speeds. This allows digital information to be transmitted to devices directly below.

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