Sepura launches broadband/TETRA handheld hybrid

Sepura has launched a new rugged hand-portable device, known as the SCL3. The launch took place at BAPCO 2024 in Coventry, which took place last week.

According to a statement from the company, the SCL3 is designed to be deployed either as LTE only, or as a hybrid TETRA 4G/5G handset. It is intended to complement Sepura's hybrid broadband vehicle device, the SCU3.

The statement continued: “The SCL3 reinforces Sepura’s commitment to invest in the future of critical communications, and reduce the risk and costs of migrating to MCX by providing hybrid solutions to help bridge the transition.

“Created with mission-critical users in mind, [it] is a 4G/5G rugged handheld device that addresses the requirements published by NCCOM Nordic operators.

"PPDR users are accustomed to rugged TETRA devices, with physical buttons for PTT and emergency calls. These requirements are carried forward into the SCL3.”

Sepura chief technology officer Peter Hudson said: “We are delighted to be launching the SCL3 at BAPCO, and that the public safety sector are the first to see the new device.

"For customers who are embarking on their migration strategy to LTE, the SCL3 provides a safe and secure path towards MCX that can be started now. The SCL3 combines best practice, reliability and the latest technology, providing users with unparalleled robustness and functionality.”

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