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TCCA issues mission critical API white paper

TCCA has published a white paper focussing on mission critical broadband. Specifically, what it calls the “key considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure a successful long-term cost-effective solution deployment with specific mission critical-supporting functionality.”

Photo credit: Abode Stock

The considerations in question include what APIs would need to be present for “efficient integration,” as well as key mission critical requirements. It also “sets out the benefits to the mission critical ecosystem of supporting such an approach”.  

Going into further detail, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “Across the ecosystem, operating system providers, manufacturers, operators and end-user organisations need to be aware of these considerations in the evolution of their product roadmaps, business planning and purchasing strategies.

“[New broadband based devices and applications] will significantly enhance the capabilities and productivity of first responders. However, the mission critical broadband ecosystem is much more complex than the existing narrowband market."

The task force which produced the white paper was led by Sepura’s Kit Kilgour, who is a member of TCCAs Critical Communications Broadband Group.

Kilgour said: “With the introduction of broadband products based on commercial chipsets, hardware platforms and common operating systems, there is an opportunity for users to choose the particular mission critical application that best suits their needs. [That is] regardless of the device they are using.

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