Freedom from vendor lock-in

(Advertisement feature) Over the past five years, TASSTA and its partners have worked hard to allow users to expand their radio systems’ range of features and enable them to look beyond a single hardware vendor

If you’re constantly looking to get the most from an (often significant) investment in a radio system, one of the most frustrating things can be spotting a feature from another vendor that would be great for your business that isn’t supported by your existing equipment. It’s also irritating when you find out that a different radio technology would better suit the needs of a particular group of users but both vendors can’t provide the technology to allow that system to interoperate with your current set-up.

Both issues can be resolved through the use of radio gateways and Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, TASSTA’s managing director, says that his company is “perhaps the only company that is focusing so much on a gateway to multiple vendors. We have our gateways to Hytera DMR Tier II (with Tier III is now in preparation), MOTOTRBO, DAMM, Kenwood (conventional, NXDN and DMR) and Sepura.”

“If you work with TASSTA you are independent, you don’t have to stay with one hardware vendor forever – you can always choose. It’s our mission to ensure that users can always obtain the best solution to their requirements.”

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