Heads in the cloud

Simon Creasey investigates the ongoing evolution of cloud-based business tools as we head into a new era of remote working

One of the most oft-cited concepts during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ‘acceleration of pre-existing trends’, particularly taking place in what we might refer to as the digital realm.

This phrase has been used in relation to things such as the increased adoption of online grocery shopping, for instance, as well as the massive rise in subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix; behaviours, in other words, which were bubbling away prior to the pandemic and have now been super-charged as a result of it.

Another trend that has been massively accelerated by COVID-19 is home/remote working, both in terms of its acceptance on the part of employers and the development of the technology needed to carry it out.

It probably wouldn’t be unreasonable in fact to regard the past 12 months or so as the greatest ‘working from home’ experiment in history.

Naturally enough, this has seen many companies fully realising the benefits of pre-existing technologies in order to connect colleagues with one another, as well as with customers.

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