Jason Johur Big Interview: Expanding Horizons

Philip Mason talks to Ericsson strategy and market development director Jason Johur about the opportunities created by mission-critical organisations’ increasing use of broadband

The Big Interview section across the past couple of issues of Land Mobile has concentrated primarily on personalities involved in the deployment of 5G within the business communications space.

The idea with these articles has been to highlight different aspects of the 5G development process, from operator/ user strategy all the way through to the deployment piece itself.

So far, we have spoken to BT’s David Wrout about the company’s roll-out of the burgeoning technology at the campus of Warwick University, as well as the chair of 5G Scotland, Julie Snell.

With that in mind, in this issue we are including our third 5G-themed feature, this time looking at development of the technology from the point of view of the vendor, while at the same time taking in ongoing issues around standardisation.

Our expert for this topic is director of strategy and market development for Ericsson, Jason Johur. Johur describes his role at Ericsson as being responsible for global development of the broadband market, specifically in relation to mission-critical verticals.

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