The big interview: no one left behind

Philip Mason talks to chair of The Scotland 5G Centre Julie Snell about the organisation’s mission to enable broadband across the country, including its most remote communities

As readers of Land Mobile will be aware, the increasing use of broadband for business communications has profound implications, both on the working lives of users as well as the sector itself.

For proof of this, look no further than our feature in the new issue, during which we investigate the ever-more POC-focused nature of the handset market. The increasing reliance on cloud-based ‘remote working’ platforms, meanwhile, has also transformed entire verticals, now making it entirely acceptable, at least for some people, to conduct the majority of their professional life straight from the sofa.

If we thought 4G was a game-changer, however, its imminent successor, otherwise known as 5G, is likely to represent a veritable seismic shift, combining as it does massively increased bandwidth with comparatively infinitesimal latency. Or to put it another way – to paraphrase a famous quote from the very first ‘talkie’ motion picture – we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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